Mandalas are procedurelly generated bitmaps recorded as NFT on ethereum. There are millions of millions of them, (2^160)-1 to be exact. all unique.

Their eight-fold symmetry also ensure that a single difference is actually repeated. As such they are also great for identity icon improving upon the classic blockies. Their number is actually equal to the number of ethereum addresses and so each address has a unique representation in the form of a Mandala.

This website allows you to mint them on the ethereum network. Each time you mint you pay at a certain price and the price then increase. You can later burn the mandala to get back 95% of the current price. This is similar to neolastics/ by Simon de la Rouviere which I recommend to check out.

Mandalas have also the particularity that their bitmap and metadata is fully generated on-chain. And contrary to many other on-chain projects, Mandalas make full use of the tokenURI standard. Hence no backend will ever be required to host the image.

The source code can be found here and the contract address is 0xDaCa87395f3b1Bbc46F3FA187e996E03a5dCc985

This project was created by Ronan Sandford (a.k.a wighawag wighawag) as part of the NFT Hack.